Wednesday, December 29, 2010

#132 United State of Pop 2010

Well, you might have heard DJ Earworm's end of the year mixes before. It's all the biggest hits of the year in one giant mash-up. DOWNLOAD HERE

It's always fun to listen to. It's like nostalgia. The year just flashes before you're eyes. I hear some of these songs and can't help but think of all the great times that seem so long ago. Where has the year gone? What did I do last New Year's Eve? Man, 2010 was one of the best years of my life, I gotta say. Second semester freshman year was one hell of a time. I'm going to miss those nights in the dorm, procrastinating until 4 am with everyone else. This summer had to be one of the best too. I met some great friends and ended up hanging out with some of the last people I expected, but it was awesome. Enough reminiscing, time to start a new chapter in life. 2011, here I come. I'm looking forward to it.

After the jump, the list of all the songs, in case you were wondering.

#131 (Please) Don't Go

This is a song, and video by a band called The Protocol. I don't know anything about them, but this video was filmed over the course of 24 hours with each frame of video being 30 seconds. It's a really cool one.
Download the song here

Monday, December 27, 2010

#130 W3 LOV3 YOU 2010

In honor of the new year, Flosstradamus has given us a new mix with the best songs of 2010. Starts off with a lot of house music, but what would a 2010 mix be without WAKA. My favorite part is from about 40 minutes through the end. Enjoy.


#129 Word is Flesh

This is a new Talib track that unfortunately doesn't look like it made the cut for Gutter Rainbows. Either way, its a bit slower than other stuff he's been dropping lately, but definitely one of my favorite things hes put out in a while. Check it out:


I've been waiting for this one too. I've always liked Asher Roth and this guy Nottz Raw is real good too. I know a lot of people don't like Asher, especially my roommate Neil. Every time a new song comes out, I play it and Neil hate it immediately. Haters gonna hate, right? Enough of me, here's the tape.

Don'tcha Wanna Be?

Break Bread

# 127 Mos Def & Diverse

Awesome RJD2 remix to an old Mos Def & Diverse song. If you haven't heard of Diverse, study up, he's a chicago MC as talented as anyone out there (he goes first on this track). Enjoy:

#126 Gutter Rainbows Tracklist

Kweli's Gutter Rainbows is one of my most anticipated CDs of the year. It's set to be released January 25th. Here is the recently released tracklist and cover art.

1. After The Rain (produced by 88-Keys)
2. Gutter Rainbows (produced by M-Phazes)
3. So Low (produced by Shuko)
4. Palookas feat. Sean Price (produced by Marco Polo)
5. Mr. International feat. Nigel Hall (produced by S1)
6. I’m On One (produced by KHRYSIS!)
7. Wait For You feat. Kendra Ross (produced by S1)
8. Ain’t Waiting feat. Outasight (produced by 6th sense)
9. Cold Rain (produced by Ski Beatz)
10. Friends & Family (produced by E. Jones)
11. Tater Tot (produced by Nick Speed)
12. How You Love Me feat. Blaq Toven (produced by Blaq Toven)
13. Uh Oh feat. Jean Grae (produced by Oh No)
14. Self Savior feat. Chace Infinite (produced by Maurice Brown)

#125 Sunlight

This is a video for the second single from Bag Raiders new album. I'm sick and don't feel like writing anything else, sorry.

#124 I'm V.I.P.

Maybe it's just me, but this is such a strange combination of people. You got pseudo-famous Diggy Simmons, you got the least famous famous rapper ever in Consequence, and you got white boy from Pitt, Mac Miller. How did they get together? I don't know man, but here's their new song. And is that Biggie I hear on the hook?

Consequence feat. Diggy & Mac Miller


#123 Brothers of Chico Dusty

Soooo, I overlooked this. Not once, not twice, not three time, but FOUR TIMES. This fifth time I saw it I finally clicked play. It's good. Definitely worth listening to, a download if you enjoy it. This is Big Boi and The Black Keys mashed-up. He you goooo.

The Brothers of Chico Dusty (Big Boi vs. The Black Keys) by wick-it

#122 Freeizm

Skream is definitely one of the best dubstep artists right now. And now he gives us a free album! Gotta love that. I haven't listened to it yet, but I recommend downloading it. Also, watch this hilarious, appropriate, video below.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

#121 Ashes to Ashes

Rick Ross. Best beard ever. I think that's all I have to say.


#120 Kills

This mixtape is by a duo called jj. This mixtape is definitely unique. You'll recognize every song on this tape, but you'll never have heard any of them. What do I mean? These are weird pop covers of famous hip-hop songs. It's actually really cool.


#119 Landmarks of Lunacy

The Klaxons are about as big as a band can get before they are mainstream. That might change soon. The released a free EP called Landmarks of Lunacy. Usually it's the rappers giving out free music, but it seems to be catching on.

Here's a little taste:

Donwload the whole EP here

#118 The Fall

The Gorillaz released a free album the other day, and I love free music. The cool thing about this was that it was made entirely on iPads. What was I thinking when I said iPads were useless? (I still think they are just really big iPhones that can't call anyone.) Anyway, I'm currently listening to this and it's great. You can't download it yet, but can listen to it. I'll set up a DL link soon.


#117 The Show Goes On

This was one of the first ever songs I posted on here, and now the video is here (a couple days late, but I've been busy). Lupe Fiasco.

#116 Health, Wealth, Success & Happiness

Everytime I find something good 2dopeboyz or Pigeons and Planes beats me to it. This time it's Mod Sun. A hippie straight out of California Minnesooota?. Every Sunday he does a thing called Mod Sunday, where he gets on a webcam and talks to his fans. This guy is awesome though. He said that he never wants a fan base, or even a single fan. He wants a friend-base. Cool. He called me on the phone once, true story! If you watch Mod Sundays, you'll understand.

Enough rambling. This is his new mixtape. Feel good music at its finest.

You don't need a preview, you'll like it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

#115 Hard Liquor

The new song from Travis Barker's Give The Drummer Some. It's with Tech N9ne and has a west-coast feel to it, because it' produced by Dre. Another real dope song from this CD. It's going to be really nasty.

Travis Barker and Tech N9ne - Hard Liquor


#114 Potential

While I'm waiting for Dolik to come to the library.
Potential is Jola's new song and video. It's a perfect name. I think it actually does show a lot of potential. It's got one of those indie rock samples that are so trendy right now (Sounds like Phoenix, but I'm not sure on that). I might actually like it. Here's the video, and you can download it HERE!

Sorry for the lack of new music lately. I've been swamped with exams and work.

Hopefully after tomorrow, I'll have some more time, but no promises. Got a lot on my schedule.

Celebrating the end of exams, a trip to Windsor, spending Christmas at home, then driving to Spring Lake to see the other side of the family. That's not all, then hopefully going from Spring Lake to Chicago. After that I'm going to convince my parents to let me use the car to drive to Pittsburgh.

Hopefully my break is looking like this, pretty much a solo road trip. 20 hours of driving, 1200 miles. I'm excited if I actually get to do this.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

#112 January Hymn

The Decemberists released a new single the other day. It had a new song called January Hymn which is great, but they also released a cover of the Grateful Dead song, Row Jimmy. These will be on their next CD called The King Is Dead.

The Decemberists - January Hymn

The Decemberists - Row Jimmy (Grateful Dead cover)

Friday, December 17, 2010

#111 Come Skate With Me

One of my favorite songs, and music video. It's not new, but I just want the whole world to know. So world, listen up. Watch this.

I like to pretend that everyone in the world reads my blog... It's like at least half the world though right?

#110 Great Lakes

I might have a new favorite song. Maybe, just maybe. This song WILL become the top played on my iTunes, on my iPod, and this summer, everyone that is around me will hear this song over and over and over again. I apologize in advance.  Thank you Pigeons and Planes for finding this song and band.

The Great Lakes are the best, I've always said I wanted to move somewhere warm, but I couldn't leave Michigan. I like the lakes too much. I guess I could settle with a nice ocean paradise if I had too though.

Harlan Pepper - Great Lakes

After the jump; More songs about Great Lakes, just because this song put me in a great mood.

#109 Dance With Me

Party, party, party. Might not make it. Go Wings! 50 Cent is promoting this guy now. He goes by Hot Rod. Banger?

Forgive me, this is the only way to put this song on at the moment.

#108 Black and Yellow Remix

Like I said I'm way behind on my music. That's the Michigan difference I guess.

Here's the remix to Wiz's Black and Yellow. I hate the Penguins, I hate Crosbitch, I hate the Steelers, and I hate James Harrison, not as much as Roger Goodell does though. I do, however, love Black and Yellow. This remix is good, minus t-pain. I'm still not a huge fan of his auto-tune. Well, to each his own, right?


Yes, I'm watching the Wings game right now.

#106 Silly

I don't feel like writing. Here's what PnP had to say.
"Here’s a new joint from David Banner & 9th Wonder called “Silly” featuring Erykah Badu. We already know 9th is behind the production, but this time he hops behind the mic & delivers a pretty dope verse. *Death Of A Popstar* drops Dec 21st."
Sweet cover art though.

David Banner, 9th Wonder, Erykah Badu - Silly


#107 Gotta Get Up

The newest song from Asher and Nottz with a guy I don't know much about, D.A. Got a nice little piano beat goin' on here. Check it.

Download from PnP

#106 Live From The D

One of my new favorite rappers, FowL just released a preview for his mixtape, Live From The D out January 7th. It's going to be one you'll have to download for sure. 

#105 Freestyle Friday

If you go way back, I posted a freestyle by e-dubble. He has been producing and rapping and releasing a new freestyle every single Friday for 47 straight weeks now. That's impressive. This is his newest one called Standing Tall.

#104 Purple Legacy

There's so much new music, but I was too busy with exams to post any. Now, I'm going to post too much, and it's all going to get buried. Whatever.

First of all, if you didn't know, Daft Punk is doing the Tron soundtrack. That makes me want to go see it. If anyone would like to join me today, in the next couple hours, I'd be down, but I need to make it back in time to participate in extracurriculars. I might have to keep score tonight.

Anyway, this is ill-esha remixing the soundtrack and bits from the trailers. It's really cool, and I suggest you give it a listen.

ill-esha - Purple Legacy

#103 Tweeters

No, not like the social networking people, the other kind. Dow Jones (awesome name to go by) makes a real tight song. I saw this on one blog, didn't listen to it. Then I saw it on another blog, didn't listen to it. Then I saw it on Sunset In The Rearview and finally listened. You should too. Listen to his entire EP and download it after the jump.

#102 SonReal

SonReal, unreal. Well, kinda. He's a guy rapping out of Vancouver. His Lightyear Mixtape dropped a while ago, but I just got this new video for it in my e-mail and thought it would be a good time to throw him up here. The first is video is the new one. Mixtape HERE

Read more if you want to see a couple more great videos from him. (Do This)

#101 Christmas In Harlem

Finally done with that exam, got one on Tuesday, but I have a little time to blog.

A little christmas music from Dipset and G.O.O.D. Music.

Kanye West, Cam'ron, Vado, Pusha T, Jim Jones, CyHi Da Prynce, Big Sean, Teyana Taylor, and Musiq Soulchild - Christmas In Harlem

Sucks having to type all their names and trying to spell CyHi Da Prynce right.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

#100 Hometown Hero

I wish I had something better for post #100, but I don't.

So I downloaded a mixtape a long time ago by someone named Jola, called I Went To Private School. It was a joke, but I always listened to it while I was partying. Now I hear about this guy that goes by Jola The Trunk Boi. Same person I guess. Here's his latest and a video from the last mixtape.

#99 Upular

So, I came across a song called Pogo today. This isn't it, but it did remind me of this song. It's not called Pogo, but made by a DJ that goes by Pogo. The whole song is made from sounds of the movie Up. Definitely entertaining with this video.

#98 All Alone Video

This Kid Cudi video blew up just now. Everyone's tweeting about it and stuff. I guess it's pretty cool though. Just don't feed it after midnight or get it wet.

#97 Sleeping In Class

This is the new mixtape from Casey Veggies. It's definitely some real good stuff. Check it out.

Casey Veggies - Forever

Download Mixtape

Seriously, Download It

#96 Talk2Me

Wale is officially joining Rick Ross' label. Cool I guess. Here's his newest song with Roscoe Dash.

Wale feat. Roscoe Dash


#95 Seasons

Blu & Exile always make great music. They made what might be my favorite CD, Below The Heavens, and they continue to make great music together. Blu is one of the best rappers out right now. Give him a listen in this video called Seasons.

UPDATE: There's 2 new videos from Blu. The other one called NotU after the jump.

Monday, December 13, 2010

#94 What Even Is This

I have nothing to say about this. Nice work Tim and Co.

#93 Home Alone (Christmas Dubstep Remix)

Need. To. Study. Nooooo. Dubstep. Christmas. Home Alone. 5oh!.


#92 Big Talk

I said it once, I'll say it again, I love The Cool Kids. This is their new music video for the song Big Talk.

#91 Escape

I wish I could escape from finals, but I can't. Don't feel like writing. Sorry.

The Airplane Boys - Escape


#90 Best Night Of My Life

Well, I'm studying, so this isn't the best night of my life. I hope it's yours though. Here is a new song from Wiz and Jaime Foxx.

Jaime Foxx feat. Wiz Khalifa - Best Night Of My Life


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Top 3 Hip-Hop Songs

Kowalczyk asked me what my 3 favorite hip-hop songs were the other day. So now I'm going to give it to you all. I think this might be it, in no particular order. What do you all think?

#89 I've Got A Sinking Feeling

Don't listen to this on laptop speakers. At least get some nice headphones for my boy DJ TimHoliday.

I've Got A Sinking Feeling by djtimholiday
Click on the tabs up top.

You can now sort by genre.

Are all the genres 100% correct? No
Do I care? No

#88 How Cool Is This Guy?

This guys name is Danny Vola and he's pretty cool.

#87 Capo

I'm only writing this because I want it to be summertime. Here is a preview for Jim Jones new album called Capo. Yeah, Jim Jones. The thing is, it's his 5th solo album. I was surprised to, because I haven't heard of ANY of them.

#86 VibeSquad

This right here is that ish. It's hard to put all music into a category, but I think this is what I would call glitch-hop. It's got some dirty bass lines, some funk, and still a hip-hop vibe. This guy goes by the name of VibeSquad. This his 4th CD called The Fire. Give it a listen and go to BANDCAMP to download. Even if you're usually not a fan of dubstep or whompage, give this a listen, maybe you'll change your mind.

#85 The Bronze

This band seems to be making waves in the indie hipster crowd, which I'm trying not to be a part of. (No offense, just sayin') They are called The Bronze and they just released their self-titled EP for FREE.99! I love people who release their music for free. They are always cooled than people who make you buy it. So get it HERE

#84 I Don't Need Love

This is really cool. Evidence from an amazing rap group, The Dilated Peoples came out with a new EP called I Don't Need Love, where he is rapping over The Beatles tracks. I don't know who these Beatles people are but ever since they popped up on iTunes they are real popular. Hipsters.

Evidence - Because

Download the whole EP

#83 You've Got The Love

I wrote about Theophilus London before, and he's not going to go away. This is him rapping over a song by The xx who covered it originally from Florence And The Machine.

Theophilus London - You've Got The Love

#82 Only Girl In The World

Ellie Goulding just always amazes me. Her first CD was amazing. Her cover of Your Song was crazy. Now she re-released her Lights CD calling it Bright Lights, with a couple new songs. Here's one of them, a cover of Rihanna's song, Only Girl In The World.

#81 We're New Here

I don't feel like explaining it, so here it is straight from 
"In February 2010, Gil Scott-Heron released "I'm New Here", his first album in thirteen years. In August 2009, as a member of The xx (and producer) Jamie xx released his debut album "xx".
"NY Is Killing Me" is the first song from "We're New Here", Jamie xx's reworking of 13 tracks from the Gil Scott-Heron "I'm New Here" sessions."
 If you don't know who Gil Scott-Heron is, he is a living legend. He's been making music and writing for over 40 years and still going. I'll be honest though, I haven't given him enough of my time.

 If you don't know who The xx are, they're an indie rock band from London, born in 2005.

Now here is the original Gil Scott-Heron song that was reworked. Sounds nothing like the other one, really cool to see though.

Friday, December 10, 2010

#80 Mike Stud

So this guy, Mike Stud from Georgetown. I saw him over at Sunset In The Rearview and after listening to his song College Humor, I can't get enough. This song is great, between the Lane Kiffin, Wes Welker, Brett Favre, and Cliff Lee lines, I'm laughing the whole time. So here's that one, and another new one from him called Sound Off.

College Humor

Sound Off

#79 How The Grouch Stole Christmas

I heard this beat on the Dipset Christmas CD, but Jim Jones is a terrible terrible rapper. So here's Grouch & Eligh and Brother Ali doing their thing on it. Much better.

#78 Butter Knives

New Raekwon. That is all.

Raekwon - Butter Knives


#77 Break Bread

This is the newest song from Rawth, the EP from Asher Roth and Nottz. It's out December 27th. I'll give you another reminder then, because I like Asher a lot. So many people hate on him, but I say he's dope.

Nottz & Asher Roth - Break Bread

Thursday, December 9, 2010

#76 Cool Points

I was surprised by how many people don't know who Chip Tha Ripper is. Get to know him if you don't already. He's got some serious flow, Big Sean-esque I would say. Here's his new song Cool Points from his next project From Me, To You: The Prelude to Gift Raps Part II. 

Chip Tha Ripper - Cool Points


#75 Jim Morrison

Yesterday was Jim Morrison's birthday. Sorry I forgot, Jimmy, but this man was amazing. One of my favorite people ever. His music was amazing, and he can predict the future. What? Predict the future? Yeah, check out this video, plus one of my favorite Doors songs.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#74 Wagon Wheel

Sometimes you just need to know what I'm listening to.

#73.5 Well You Knew This One Was Coming

#73 Lights!

I know before I said that I didn't like mash-ups very much, so I totally made a bad mistake and looked over this one. It was really a mistake. I love this. It's called Lights! A remix by Potomac Boys Club. This has everything I want. I love Ellie Goulding (see earlier post if you don't know what I'm talking about), I love Wale, and who can't love WAKA!


#72 Oh Stereo

These guy almost sounded like that one group that made that song fireflies, but then I listened to it, and it sounds way better. Sorry if I offended anyone there. They got a real laid back feel to them, perfect when you're just chilling. Best part about it? They are giving away their album for free at It's only free until Christmas though, so get on it. Seriously worth downloading people.

#71 Sleepyhead (Neo Tokyo Remix)

Well, I'm sure you all have heard Sleepy Head by Passion Pit. Well, here is Neo Tokyo's take on the song. It's awesome to say the least. Download too.

#70 +verb

+verb (pronounced adverb) is one of the growing names in dubstep. If you like dubstep, get to know this guy. He's been behind the scenes working on a ton of people's music. Now, he's suiting up for a 2011 tour. I don't know the details, but I promise you, this is not a show anyone is going to miss. Here's his latest EP, go to bandcamp to download it.

#69 The Crash Kings

These guys rock pretty hard. I saw a flyer for The Crash Kings about two years ago. I didn't make it to the concert, but I checked out their music. The bands a set of two brothers and they've been rocking the west coast for a while now. The reason I brought this up now is because I saw this video on MTV2, so look out for these guys in the future.

#68 Jazzmatazz

New song from the great Jay Electronica called Jazzmatazz. Tells a great story about his late friend Guru. Give it a listen, this guy NEVER disappoints.

Jay Electronica feat. Tone Treasure - Jazzmatazz


Monday, December 6, 2010

#67 No Genre

B.o.B is releasing his new mixtape No Genre in about 20 seconds.

Lot of great features on this. You got T.I., Donnis, CyHi, ect. From what I've listened to so far, it's a real good one. I'd say a must download for any hip-hop fan, especially if you liked B.o.B before. Get used to hearing this one, it'll be playing a lot.

UPDATE: Here is the download link. Download No Genre!!!

Forbes List Rating: Great

#66 Freeze

Still don't know what to think of Lil B. Doesn't really matter what I think anyway, so here's his newest song.

#65 Fire & Water

Fire & Water is a new song from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. It was released with their special iTunes session. Go there if you want to download it. It's got their folk music feel that people love. Listen.

#64 4x4=12

4x4 does not equal 12, but Deadmau5 doesn't care. This album 4x4=12 comes out today, but I found some sketchy website where I could listen to it about a week ago. I must say, it's pretty damn good.

Some of the songs have a hip-hop feel, some have the classic Deadmau5 electronic house sound, and some have dubstep sounds. It's an album that probably won't get on the radio much, or get much public play at all, but it's worth getting.

Go ahead and listen to it yourselves. Goodnight world.

Forbes List Rating: Boom

#63 Pac Div

Pac Div just released a bunch of songs on Twitter. I wasn't going to put them up, but one was with Blu and I love Blu. I still wasn't going to put them up though. Then 2dopeboyz put them all into one .zip file, so that did it for me. Here you go.

Pac Div & Blu - Cringe

Downlaod All 7 Songs

Sunday, December 5, 2010

#62 The Dark Horse

This guy goes by the name XV and he's remixing Kanye's Dark Fantasy from his new album. You'll be hearing more from this guy soon.

XV - The Dark Horse


Saturday, December 4, 2010

#61 Get Busy

From Saigon's album, Greatest Story Never Told, this is called Get Busy. I actually had this idea about a year ago, but I can't rap and I don't know how to do anything musical except listen to music. He raps over the Super Mario Bros theme song, and it's hilarious. Stole this one from Pigeons and Planes.

Saigon - Get Busy

Yes, this is still The Forbes List, but with a new layout, design, and features. I'm going to try to get download links for as many posts as possible from now on without getting a lawsuit. Let me know what you think. Also, if anyone gets bored and wants to make a Forbes List logo for up top, that would be cool. Peace.

#60 New Piano Song

I think I'm going to go to the library finally. It is #hardedgeweek after all, but I'm going to be listening to this on repeat like I already have been. The song is actually called New Piano Song by Jonsi of one of my favorite bands, Sigur Ros from the new live CD/DVD which I'm probably going to pirate because I'm actually that broke. This song is awesome. You can download it if you go "Like" Jonsi on Facebook through HERE.