Saturday, November 20, 2010

#24 Plume Giant

So I'm reading a bunch of music blogs like usual, (basenuggets) and I come across a website I'm sure most of you know I see they posted this song by a band called Plume Giant, and I pretty much flipped out. I saw these guys playing at a sandwich/coffee shop on Yale's campus a few years ago. I even have a CD they were giving out free somewhere. I guess they are finally starting to catch on over there. Good job finding these guys GoodMusic, and good job sticking with your music Plume Giant.

It's a unique sound with a guitar, violin, and viola. I'm not even going to pretend I know what a viola actually is but it sounds good. Just sit back, relax, wait for this cold weather to go away, and listen to this. I'll be honest, I totally forgot about these guys and wouldn't be writing this without goodmusicallday. I'm not going to forget them again though, that's for true.

Plume Giant - Fool Hall

If I ever find that CD I'll be sure to put a couple more songs up, but for now, enjoy.

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